Plano Sport Locker (XXL Trunk)

I like to find unique little products that make my life more enjoyable, and when I do, I don't want to just keep them to myself. So, here is tonight's little product.

Meet the PLANO SPORT LOCKER, also known as the PLANO XXL TRUNK. This guy is a large hard plastic trunk complete with 4 latches, 3 lock points, and a set of wheels on one end. I love these things.

I have one for my Drum Hardware (cymbal stands, seat, etc.), and one for my Camera Hardware (tripods, light stands etc.). Both of mine are super durable, hold all the weight I need them to, and most importantly, are just the right size. Not so big I can't manage them, but also not too small, because a few inches shorter and I wouldn't be able to get half of my gear in these, which would defeat the purpose.

They have a low-profile handle on each end, and their width is just short enough that one person can pick the whole unit up if the weight allows. If it doesn't, it's not an awkward size for one person on each end.

I love these things. And most of all, the prices is insane. Under $50, consistently. Which is wild, because if there was a drum brand, or a speaker brand or anything on these things they would be $300.

I order mine on Amazon, and get free 2-Day air shipping with my Amazon Prime Account. Love that thing. Price is usually $42.
You can also buy these at Home Depot, no shipping, just your local tax. Good to know if one ever failed you can buy locally. I've seen them as low as $29.