Living Broken-Hearted

I absolutely breaks my heart to think of all the millions of people all over our world who are going to hell and have no idea.

It breaks my heart even more to think of all the millions of people right here in lives who are also sinners by birth and will spend eternity in hell.

Around the world, people do not know who have not heard of Jesus.  Who will leave here and travel to tell them of the salvation waiting for them?

Here in our daily lives, people do not know they are living and rolling in the sinful desires of their flesh every day.  Who will go out of their busy way here to tell them of the salvation they do not even know they need? 

We are objects of wrath, sinners by nature, destined to hell at birth.  Jesus offers salvation as a gift, a gift we can reach out and take.  All around the world hopeless people have no idea there is a savior for them.  Here at home healthy wealthy people have no idea they need any kind of saving from the American Dream they enjoy here in America.

Break my heart for what breaks Yours, Lord.

May I give everything I have for your Kingdom and not my own.

I love you Jesus, for so many reasons.

Take my life and let it be, here am I, send me.

I am not ashamed of the one who saved my soul, and I will sing, sing, sing to you among this group of believers but o Lord may I speak of your great name outside these safe walls and into the Wendy's today?