At an individual, personal level the ultimate constrained resource is time. We each get 24 hours per day with a maximum limit of about 100 years (on earth). This is mankind’s greatest limitation, and therefore our most valuable resource. There’s no way to add more, so to increase the output of your life, the only choice is to change how you use your time.

-Mark Aardsma

I love to use my time serving. My most valuable contribution in serving currently is sharing with others what I have learned along the early stages of my journey here on Earth.  

I am an open book, although admittedly not a long tale. I'm more than happy to share anything I've learned along the way with anyone, in hopes that it might be valuable to them in their concurrent journey.  

Because time is a constrained resource, I offer this on a first-come, first-serve basis. Because time is a valuable resource, I typically expect something in exchange for my time, typically a relative fee. If this sounds valuable to you, send me an email, and, when you're ready, schedule a time below.