Amazon Prime

I absolutely love my Amazon Prime account.

Amazon Prime is a paid service offered by that costs $40. What do you get with this service? Free 2-Day shipping on tons of items on When I initially got on board I was skeptical as to which products would actually be "Prime Eligible," but I have found nearly everything that I order qualifies, getting me free 2-Day shipping. :)

More than that, if the item qualifies you can get Overnight shipping for just $3.99.

Amazon offered a promotion to students that their first year of Prime membership was free simply by presenting their student email. That's how I got in. But I plan to stay in. I do a lot of ordering of gear online, simply because the shopping I do can't happen in Arkadelphia, AR. I am ordering specialized equipment from around the world, and the shipping prices can really add up. This account will have me paying a flat-rate $40 at the beginning of each year, and enjoying all the shipping I can muster for "free".

I highly recommend it:

thanks for reading! -Cameron