Cameron Magee

Cameron Magee’s parents moved their family into Bentonville in 1992 and, excluding college, hasn’t left Northwest Arkansas since.  Growing, up, he had a passion for the technical side of things, and a passion for people, both of which heavily influenced his life for years to come.

In 2012, Cameron graduated from Henderson State University, where he studied Secondary Education.  He loved being certified to teach American History at the High School level, but upon graduating, realized the undeniable need for someone to serve in the area of his talents: live audio mixing and videography.  Cameron had been providing audio and video services to companies and individuals all over town since age 12, and at age 21 he officially began his own event production and video creation company: avad3.

Cameron currently lives in Rogers with his wife, Laura, and golden retriever Mac.  He is an active member (and currently, the interim worship pastor) at Grace Point Church, and proudly plays an active role in providing real-life education for high school seniors pursuing the Production industry.  The company Cameron started in a college dorm room has now evolved into two separate healthy companies, avad3 and Element Studio, and Cameron continues to be an active president in both, serving and disciplining his teams so they can continue to serve their local customers.