God is: Our Provider

My tithe is always really spuratic, because I am on the road nearly every weekend, which only allows me to be at my home church here in Bentonville a few times a quarter.  And when I am here I usually come in in a whirlwind and forget to add up my tithe to have it prepared that Sunday.  I miss it and miss it and miss it then finally realize good grief I have GOT to get this tithe to the church.  Add it up, it's always a much deal than it would be because it's so many weeks built up.  However, always give out of joy.

I realized I hadn't tithed in forever so I went back to the last time I tithed and began adding up all the income deposits into my Checking account since then, did the math and the amount was, well let's call it seven dollars.

Well that's cool but "seven dollars" is a lot of money right now.  I am being a baby, but, the first month's rent, the second month's rent, the bills for both months in our new apartment.  Plus the honeymoon, which is not a small amount.  But, forget all of that.  The point that seven dollars is a lot of money is that in two weeks Laura and I will merge our accounts and we'll go over the balances and things together and when we get to whoa what is this check for seven dollars a month ago and that's cool that it's for that but why in the world did you wait so long and let it build up we just got married we don't have a lot and you would have given it anyway but just in a big chunk like that right before the wedding what in the world that drained the account and now the first three months of our marriage are going to be extremely tight financially because you...

Laura just texted me.  She said hey just letting you know I went up to my bank and closed out my account, I'm taking that balance over to your bank for it to be in our account together now.

How much was in your account?  Like, how much did you just pull out that is about to be deposited into "my" account "our" account that I forgot you were going to do that and was just counting dollars and we would have been ok but it would have been a stress and how much did you say that check was for that you were putting in because every little bit counts and I appreciate it and everything but...

Oh it's seven dollars.

God is, my provider.  But now he has already begun to make himself known that he will be OUR provider.  Forever.  And we will trust in HIM to provide for US, not on me.  He has always protected me and he will protect us.  Beginning August 6th it is my responsibility to provide for Laura, together, I will provide for us as a family.  But I am an idiot.  God will be the provider.  :D