We're Married!

Laura and I are officially together forever!  I let her do our first blog post as husband and wife.  :)  Here it is:
So much has happened in the last two months.  We got married, moved into a new apartment, and started our senior year of college. Wait, what? We got married? YES! I got to marry my best friend and now I get to see him every day.  The wedding was perfect. No uh-ohs or oops.  We don't have any pictures yet, but we will get some posted when we do.  
After the wedding, we went to Colorado for our honeymoon.  It was so much fun.  We had a great time of relaxing and enjoying being together.  We didn't see each other for longer than two days at a time at any point during the summer so having a week to ourselves was nice.  
When we got back, we came home to our new apartment in Arkadelphia.  We had fun playing house for a week.  It took me a few meals to figure out how our oven works. I had rolls flaming in the oven at one point, but I haven't burnt anything since then!
Once school started, real life started,too.  Studying, tests, work.  But I get to go through it all with my best friend and we couldn't be any happier!
-Laura Magee  :)