God is: Provider

Took an opportunity a week ago on a job.  Looked like about 2 days of shooting, 3 days in post.  Asked Laura on it because we shot 2 weeks before the wedding, plus the post, that put me pretty tight close to the wedding.  She said she had the stuff under control and for me to take the job.


Anyways it's a much larger job than what I realized.  Which is great.  Incredible.  Wonderful I am so blessed to receive it.  It has put me in a stress pinch before the wedding though.


Today I woke up.  Today is day four.  I re-evaluated yesterday that today would be one full day of editing and tomorrow I would do all the duplication, cool that's 5 days total on post now but cool.  Today I woke up, the project was way farther along than I remember and was burning the first of 7 masters within an hour of getting to work.


Then I thought, I don't exactly keep 300+ blank materials around here to do these big jobs.  Most of mine are 10-20, how in the world am I going to duplicate today?


Went back to the studio and in storage, left over from last fall: 350 blank discs, packaged up and waiting.  How many do I need?  Well let's see its


7 masters


what did they say they wanted?... oh yeah 50 copies each.  350.  Praise glory and honor be unto God alone.  He is my provider.