Wrapping the Semester UP

As we near the end of the semester, I'm feeling a great peace about the inevitable stress ahead.

I keep my life blocked out into iCal events, running off a nice tight scheduled calendar through my mac & phone. My calendar knows that every Tuesday at 11am, I go to News Reporting class. After class today, I opened my calendar and told it to delete this event. Today was our last class of the semester.

Done?  YES!

The window that popped up was a nice reminder of the closure I needed. A simple mouse click on "Delete All Future Events" let out an involuntary sigh from myself. What a relief.

After finishing classes for today, I only have Wed, Thurs & Fri left. Next week is finals, four days, four tests. As a final break before the storm, I am going to see my favorite band play on Sunday.

Much AfraidWhen I was seven I got my first CD Walkman, and only had one CD. It was Jars of Clay's "Much Afraid". Luckily, CDs don't wear out like Cassettes, because I wore that thing OUT. It is going to be a really special thing for me to get to see them live this weekend.

Phillip was running audio for them at a show last year and let me sneak in to sit behind the board with him. Phillip is the man, in case you forgot.

I can't find anybody to go with me, but it'll be fine. I can't wait to hear my favorite drummer play for my favorite band. Jake Goss replaced Jars of Clay's most recent drummer two days ago. Jake is all over the road with the group now, including his stop in Conway in five days. I CAN NOT wait. My level of pumped-ness is almost dangerous. Sunday will be a treat, preceeding a week of tests, followed by FREEDOM. After my last test Thursday morning, I am FREE TO RUN for the Summer. My anticipation and yearning for the end is drawing up to a high level of excitement. I will be in Bentonville Thursday night.

iCal LogoAubrey is stuck in Arkadelphia for 48 more hours. The OBU band plays at the graduation ceremonies held Saturday morning, after which she will be free to go. I can't wait for the 114 days of Summer to begin. I've got a full plate of fun waiting in iCal for me, and a lot of accompanied blogging to follow. As always, thank you, thank you for reading!