Two and a Half Years

In the fall of 2006, I was enrolled in a Pre-Cal/Trigonometry class at Bentonville High School. About a month into the class we had our first test. The next day someone had sat in my seat, and someone had sat in this girl's seat, so we just sat down together. We got our tests back. I got something like a 64% on mine, she got something like a 68% on hers. DANG. This test was a killer. Mr. Mayer said everybody bombed it, and we could work with our seat partners to do corrections that he would accept.

So me and this girl started working through the embarrassment and fixed our tests. She was nice, so the next period, I just went straight to the same desk instead of my old one. She did too.

First Fancy Date

A few weeks of talking. Her iPod was broken, I fixed it. I felt like a nerd. She was on Facebook, I wasn't. She felt like a nerd. Turned out we went to the same church. I never saw her at the youth stuff though, so I asked her to come Wednesday night. She did, (first sign she liked me) and after the service, I asked her out for ice cream. She called her mom, here's about how that went...

Aubrey: "Mom, can I go out for ice cream?"
Aubrey: "No it's not a group"
Aubrey: "It's Cameron"

BOOM. She didn't say "it's this guy from my math class", or "Cameron Magee from church", or "a friend" or any of that junk. She told her mom, "it's Cameron". (second sign she liked me).

We went and got ice cream. I got ice cream there so much Donny knew me. We talked for an hour and I drove her back. We were out of school Thursday and Friday.

Cameron: "What are you doing tomorrow?"
Aubrey: "My mom and I are going to the Craft Fairs"

So I decide I like the craft fairs all the sudden. I go to pick her up and her mom suddenly 'doesn't want to go'. hmmm... Third sign she liked me.

Aubrey & Cameron

A few weeks of dating, and it was LEGIT. October 28th, 2006, on the way back from a Roller Skating date, we were driving back to her house.

Aubrey: "do you want to come in and meet my parents?"
Cameron: (oh dang oh gosh oh no), "sure!"


Aubrey: "Soooo.... Are you my boyfriend?"
Cameron: "I am if you're my girlfriend" (or something smooth like that)


I held her hand three months later and we were SET. Two and a Half years later, we are still together, and stronger than ever. I'm not going to lay out a timeline here on the blog, but just take my word for it. It has been two and a half years of great fun, great trust, and great growth. Now, after our first year at College, we are more mature than ever individually, and our relationship is at it's absolute best, every day when I wake up. Aubrey makes the start of each day the greatest day of my life. I love you Aubrey, I can't wait to see the places we'll go!

Valentimes 2009!