If you remember back, I've been building these multi-rods for quite a while now. I have built tons of sticks, slightly improving each pair. Not a single stick (rod) has broken. Even the little baby "terrible three's" have held up to everything I've pushed them to.


After so many pairs built, I've finally built a final pair that is perfect. This pair of "terrible three's" is LEGIT.

Lightweight for quick smooth playing
Loose for a wooden sound
Guaranteed not to snap
Two-Tipped for a crackle and a pop
3-Rod configuration for quieter cymbals
Strong Gaff Tape construction

I like to use mine in churches where the drums need to be an element of worship and not a booming centerpiece.

Starting to sound like a salesman. Maybe I should be a salesman. Maybe I should sell these. They're my stick of choice about 85% of the time, why not?

OK, it's official. These are for sale.


I can make a pair for fairly inexpensively. Let's call it $7 a pair. That's sounds pretty good I guess. There's not more than five bucks in cost for each pair, so that's probably good. Great. I'm in business now. Buy a pair of sticks, you'll love them.

Better come up with a slogan.
"Play for Him, not them"

I'm pretty sure nobody makes these. I hope not. I hereby declare cmSticks a custom product created designed and manufactured by Cameron Magee out of his dorm room operation.

After finding a solution that works for me, I have just made my first "product" pair. I'm boxing them up right now to send to a drummer friend of mine to try out. If he likes them, I'll get more serious about them.