the Seventh Inning Stretch

Cameron MageeToday is my last day of class before finals. (maybe you already saw that on Twitter) With less than seven days left before the summer I am building with excitement from every direction. The next seven days are certainly going to be a stretch to the end.

Friday (that's today)
Biology, Spanish, Philosophy, FREEDOM! After class I am leaving with Klayton, Wes, Justin and Jake to mix a show for them tonight. To be honest, I don't even know the name of the town we're going to, which helps the heart keep worry-free. There is a full-band service tonight, and two acoustic sets tomorrow. A couple of us will head back to Arkadelphia tonight, leaving Klayton & Wes to do the Saturday sets. ALWAYS excited to mix, always willing to mix for the LORD.

Morning rehearsal with FBC Arkadelphia. They have me play drums, acoustic guitar or djembe from time to time. Not sure which one it will be this week. Again, a good way to keep the heart willing.

Saturday night Aubrey and I are getting to hang out with Taylor & Jamie. If you remember about a month ago Aubrey & I did photography for their wedding. We're looking forward to having a fun evening with our friends.

After I play for FBC Arkadelphia, Aubrey and I will grab a bite to eat before I hit the road. I'm driving to Conway, AR to hear my favorite band, Jars of Clay. More importantly than hearing them is getting to hear their new drummer, Jake Goss. Jake is my favorite drummer, joining up with my favorite band. PUMPED? Understatement. Phillip coming from up North to meet me there. I'll get back in Arkadelphia around 7:00pm, and hit the books for my first day of tests.

Starting out strong with Biology and Philosophy finals. My only day with multiple tests.

No tests. Would have been nice to bump Philosophy over to today, but I can handle it. There are people with worse schedules this week. I'll be thankful.

Spanish final, 1pm. My most dreaded test. I told you I'd be thankful for double-test Monday, no-test Tuesday. Now I am. No-test Tuesday will give me an entire extra day to prepare for this Spanish final. I'm shaking in my boots on this one.

10am Oral Communication final. I have to present a paper on the non-verbal communication in the baseball movie, "the Rookie." A piece of cake after my Spanish test, but not exactly a joke.

My parents will be here waiting at the door for me to get out. As soon as I finish my presentation, we've got to get this dorm room gutted. HSU mandates that all dorms be clear by 5pm Thursday. Shouldn't be a problem with both my parents here. I'm thankful that my Dad was willing to take off from work to be here.

And then I'm HOME FREE (sorry for more baseball jokes, I've been watching the Rookie a LOT!) I'll be in Bentonville most of the summer, with plans all over the place, but that's a different post for later. Thank you, again, as always, for reading this blog. I appreciate you.