My Drumkit

Gretsch Catalina Club JazzOver the past few months, I have been slowly building my drumkit. With patience, I am trying to take it slow and wait for deals on each individual piece of gear. There is A LOT of stuff to piece together to build a kit, and my only goal was just to have it playable when I get to Bentonville rewarding the end of my first semester in college.

In no particular order, I began buying pieces of equipment as I found them available. I'm not sure how most guys do it, but I'm sure some people just get on or something and order EVERYTHING at once. I have no interest in dropping over $3,000 in one shopping cart, so I nixed that direction.

Instead, I watched the NWA newspaper,, and for drum gear. Most guys buy everything brand new, but I don't have a problem with a little second-hand stuff. Sure, I want the new cymbals and shells (the actual drum pieces), but what's the difference in a used snare stand and a new one? Unless the guy was an animal and tossed it in the lake every weekend for his boat anchor, why not save $50?

If you remember the color post, you might be wondering the final call on the color choice. I ended up settling on Natural Satin.

Well, I finally ordered the shell pack last night, leaving me pretty much done. Expect a barrage of drum posts for a while. To the non-drumming reading out there, I apologize. I'll mix it up a bit to keep ya'll around. thanks for reading!

Gretsch Catalina Club Jazz