Musician's Friend

It's settled, is officially my favorite place to get music gear. If I'm about to buy something, and they sell it, I'll drop it and go buy through them. Here's why:

The "MAP" on my Gretsch drumkit is $650. "MAP" is a term kind of like "retail", it's the going rate on stuff. So, even though my kit technically "retails" at $1000, everywhere sells it for $650. Retail is irrelevant, MAP is the new retail.

The only way to find anything cheaper than MAP is to buy used, or get something on sale. Or find some lunatic place that is really trying to move some drums. Herkimer Music out of NYC is a group of lunatics really trying to move some drums. They had my kit priced at $599, on sale for $499, and a promo going for free shipping.

Herkimer Wholesale Music

I know, that's what I said. It IS ridiculous.

I called them, and their lunatic prices had attracted too much business, and were waiting for more Catalina kits to arrive. In June. JUNE? *(I try to be a patient person, but dang)*

So, then I called MusiciansFriend. Last night, at 8pm on a Sunday. Who is open at that hour? I'll tell you who: people who want to sell drums, who AREN'T lunatics.

I spoke with a girl who managed to work some magic for me. I asked her to open up the internet and go look at Herkimer Music's site. She saw their insanely low price, and went to work. After getting it approved with her supervisors, she sold me the exact same kit (the one I've had my eye on) for $499. Then she shipped it for free. Oh, and the best part is, Musician's Friend's prices are not lunatic prices, they are MAP. This is a good thing, for once, because they did not blow out their supply of these drums. They still had a few in the warehouse.

So, in review, I got my kit from a company that prices at MAP. Because of these prices, they had my kit in stock. However, through some price-match voodoo, I got this MAP kit delivered to my door for $499 instead of $650. No tax. No shipping.

Praise the LORD. Have a great day, I. AM. PUMPED.