Sleep Danger Supermarket

Sleep Danger Supermarket is a local band from here in Arkadelphia. The Oracle was doing a story on them, and instead of printing a photo from practice, the guys agreed to give me 20mins of their time for a portrait.


We found a stump in an empty lot. The guys hopped up there for us to get this one. I like that everybody has one foot in and one foot out. Hokey Pokey. Ambient light here. The guys were working hard to keep their balance on that stump, so I needed to work quick. Being outdoors, the flash was at 1/1pwr, and would have taken about 5secs between each shot to recycle. I figured that was going to be too inconvenient for the guys to have to maintain, so we went natural here.

- -- --- ---- ----- ---- --- -- -

For this image, my pick of the litter, we went to an abandoned Hardee's parking lot here in Arkadelphia. The guys lined up facing the drive-thru menu while I climbed on top of the sign to shoot down. Managed to step in an anthill on my way up, to keep things interesting. The wind was blowing pretty hard too so I didn't hold my gargoil stance for too long. Aubrey provided light for this image, she was holding an LP120 into an umbrella JUST out of frame to camera left.


Thank you, Sleep Danger Supermarket, for giving me the 20mins to get these two images. I appreciate your willingness to comply to my schedule. You can find these images, as well as basically every other image you seen on the blog, at my Flickr. thanks for reading!