Stephen Gent

My new friend Joey works for Ouachita Baptist University. He does all the live audio needs of the school, and has treated me with way too much respect the few times we've spoken.

IMG_0268He has a friend who owns a Production Company, who is named Stephen Gent. Stephen needed some help for a show coming up, so Joey passed the opportunity straight to me. What a guy.

The show is, ironically enough, the Miss HSU pageant here at Henderson.

Stephen is from Dallas, and will not have time to spend a day for rehearsal and a day for the show here in Arkadelphia. That's where I come in. Stephen has all the gear, he just doesn't have the time. I've got no gear, but am eager to get as much production experience possible.

FOH Mix PositionStephen had a show this weekend in Bryant, AR. I needed the gear to be here this afternoon, so that I could get the PA all set up. His Bryant show ended this morning, so I drove up there to expedite the truck packing process.

Just like Joey, Stephen treated me with tons of respect for some reason. These guys have no reason to give me the time of day, but they both treat me really well.

I don't know how ya'll do it
UP in Bentonville
DOWN in Dallas -or-
OVER in Nashville
but down here in south Arkansas, we keep hills level with a log.
FOH Log Leveler

This Bryant DNOW show used Stephen's FULL system, but the Miss HSU pageant will only need a fraction of it. We packed up all the gear, drove straight to Henderson, unloaded all the gear, left what I needed, and packed all the gear back up.

Loved it.

Honestly, I had a blast. I'm looking forward to mixing the show later this week, and will be sure to post anything exciting. I'm not hoping for too much, because my roll will really just be handing out Wireless Handheld mics, and playing CDs.

Had a busy Friday and Saturday in Texarkana, and now a busy Sunday setting up a NICE NICE NICE sound system. Midas Verona at FOH, and Dynacord Cobra boxes. Even if it was a... HEAVY HEAVY HEAVY sound system.