I'm a Planner

I've got the Miss HSU Pageant this week, as well as the HSU Food Bizarre. (I'm not really sure what that is yet, I will find out)

I fly out for NYC on Saturday morning, and get back to Arkadelphia Wednesday night. I'll turn 19 while in the city.

I come back for two days of classes, and then drive home for Spring Break. Aubrey is going to Mexico, I'm going to Tennessee. I can't wait. First Baptist Bentonville is taking a group to Scotland then, so I will get to mix FOH there while their engineer Chad Plummer is out of the country. Aubrey and I will both have a couple of days in the (479) before we have to head back to down here.

We'll run back up to Bentonville a few weeks later for Easter.

Then I'm doing another show with Stephen. A Henderson show, something called "NuFusion" or something. No idea really what that is at this point, just excited.

Then, Aubrey will catch up to me and turn nineteen herself on April 23. We'll both go home that weekend.

Then it's finals, and SUMMERTIME.

Door CalendarStill trying to figure out what I'm going to do this summer. I've got a few freelance jobs lined up, but was hoping for a Wal-Mart internship or something. I doubt that many places will be looking for INTERNS this summer, so I might be taking more summer school classes than I thought. Aubrey and I are not messing around, and trying to get credits knocked out over the summer to possibly shave a few months off of college.