Texarkana DNOW

This weekend my Worship Leader friend Klayton Seyler asked me to travel with him to Texarkana, to a DNOW event he was leading worship for.

Me & Klayton

Klayton had put together one heck of a group for a band.

Worship Leader: Klayton Seyler
Bass: Landon White
Drums: Justin Magness
Electric Guitar/BGD Vox: Sky Howard

Four piece bands rock for monitor mixes, since most boards only have four aux's. However, that didn't matter at this church, because they had a Yamaha LS9-32.

Yes. Sir.

IMG_1028Had a BLAST mixing on that digital board this weekend. Visual EQ, 16 aux's, Aviom outs, 4 Stereo channels, XLR ins.

A sound nerd's dream.

It's not the biggest board ever made, but without getting ridiculous, this board rocks.

Had a great time with the band, and since our drummer is from Texarkana, he was a good tour guide. We even got some afternoon time at his house, which was LEGIT.

Stayed at the Hampton in Texarkana. Got in the Handicapped room. Windfall there.

Handicapped dorm at Henderson.
Handicapped room at Hampton.

Loving my Airport ExpressKlayton decided God might be preparing me for something. It was nice to have a rock solid bass player, and one electric guitar player doing the job of three. (click on photo for explanation)

Had a great time, and managed to keep the entire show under 100dB, Slow-A, the whole weekend. An accomplishment for a DNOW.

Had a little fun on our way out of the parking lot tonight.