Zildjian 12in Hi-Hats

I've been rambling about building my own drum kit, so I figured I would stop... after this post.

Phase ONE of the building is buy my Hi-Hat cymbals. I've had my eye on a set on the internet for a few weeks, and finally placed my order. THEY GOT HERE TODAY!

It's a weird set, but it's exactly what I want in a pair of Hats.

Zildjian 12in A Custom Mastersound Top
Zildjian 12in A Series Special Recording Bottom

Zildjian 12in Hi-Hats MS LogoZildjian 12in Hi-Hats SR Bottom

Oh yeah baby. Got them out of the package, put on a pair of un-necessary gloves, and carried them over to the MBSF to hit them.

After babying the cymbals for the journey, using gloves to set them up, and not so much as breathing on them, I realized something.

The entire point of cymbals is to hit them with wooden sticks. So, I don't know why I just walked in slow motion across the street to get here.

Zildjian 12in Hi-Hats PairThey sound just how I wanted them to. Since I know nothing about drums though, pretty much however they sounded was going to be "just how I want them," and "fantastic". :D

Anyway, so I'm pumped about these new cymbals, my FIRST cymbals, and completing Phase ONE of the drum kit building process.

Maybe when I think I know something about drums I'll do an official review on them or something. Until then, I'm enjoying my new cymbals that I know nothing about. thanks for reading!

Zildjian 12in Hi-Hats