Traveling to New York City

I flew on a separate flight from the rest of the group. We were supposed to hit Laguardia at the same time, but my flight was early and theirs was late.

NYC 03 NYC 04

NYC 14After a WILD shuttle van ride to the Hotel (Marriott Marquis on Times Square) we dumped our bags and walked around a bit.

NYC 16Our hotel is RIGHT on Times Square. I can't believe we're staying here, it's way too nice. I LOVE it.

Just by wandering aimlessly last night, we managed to see where Good Morning America is broadcast, Rockafeller Center, and Radio City. I saw a bunch of Production trailers set up outside of a place, that turned out to be a Will Ferrel HBO special. That was cool. We also walked around the SNL studios (it was a Saturday Night, we HAD to).

NYC 25

Times Square was LEGIT. LEGIT. It was a shoulder-to-shoulder swarm of humanity, and this was 11:45pm. I was cringing at how crazy it must be in the mornings, with everybody trying to actually GET places!

I got back in the room after midnight, and after unpacking and preparing for the conference, I didn't get in bed until 2:30am NYC time.

NYC 33