Good Morning, New York

Look out. It's fancy-blog time. Enjoy the entirely-predictable soundtrack:

Woke up this morning at 6:30am. The conference started at 8am, and I wanted to hit the hotel breakfast before I had to be at the first session.

I sat down in the breakfast area, and a lady walks up to hand me a menu. Bad sign. I think to myself... "this CAN'T be free..."

It wasn't.

I opened this menu to feast my eyes on their breakfast feast-sized and feast-priced meal.


I politely stood up, gathered my things, and briskly walked (more like, fastest I've ever RAN) out of there. I had to, before they could slip me a $4.95 water.

NYC 44
fact: NY City is a Ghost City at 7am on Sundays. :)

I made my way down to the first floor to cross the street and hit McDonalds. Walked out on to Times Square to find less than 10 people out there. There were probably 10,000 folks out seven hours ago. I guess nobody wants out at 7:15am on a Sunday.