19th Birthday on the 15th of March

I turn 19 years old tomorrow, and am greatly looking forward to it. Some people dread birthdays, but I guess I'm not old enough for that yet. I'm pumped.

19 says...
I'm the top dog in the teenager food chain.

People ask, "how old are you?"
(they're thinking 13, until)
"I'm 18"
(then they've got a REAL dilemma)
"so.... looking forward to Graduation?"
(whoops... I'm a college student)

19 says...
I have graduated from High School.

I might not be looking forward to 20 so much, I kind of like the immaturity of the teenage lifestyle. You can get away with a lot more as a 19 year old. When you're 'in your twenties', people actually have expectations for you.

Aubrey won't hit 19 until April, so she'll get to enjoy the statement,

"yeah, I'm dating an older man"

for about 5 weeks. Technically that makes me an older man all the time, but it's LEGIT for about a month.

NYC 02
That's the rest of the group's bird, leaving barely before mine. We should arrive at about the same time.

Sitting in the Little Rock airport now, enjoying the culture of the other passengers thoroughly. LR is no International, but there are definitely some here, and "I'm lovin' it". (Sorry Burger King, but lunch was good!)