Aubrey's Hourly Birthday Envelopes

Aubrey has managed to warm my 19-year-old birthday heart in this cold cold city.

She came over to help me get Reddie to leave Friday night, and gave me "Part I" of my birthday present. You know you've got a good woman when a birthday present comes in parts... :D

NYC 06All it said was "To be opened on the airplane". I had a BLAST staring intently at it on the plane, while my passenger neighbors wondered what terrorist blueprints lay inside this suspicious envelope.

NYC 05I probably shouldn't have made such a dramatic scene out of waiting to open it, but what kind of terrorist looks like a 12-year-old kid from Arkansas?

The envelope was instructions to an additional 24 envelopes stored in my Checked-Bag. One envelope for each hour of my birthday (the next day). I am nearing the end of my birthday at this point, (blogging this at about 10pm), and have LOVED every envelope.

It's been a bit of a lonely day today. The group was all out late last night, and wanted to sleep in this morning. I don't blame them. But since I thought that Breakfast was free, I made sure I was up to get some.

2 NYC formulas in play here:

So, tomorrow I will do a better job of timing myself with the group.

food note: the McDonalds here has donuts.

One of Aubrey's envelopes had a candle in it. I just bought some donuts, and plan to utilize the typically-frustrating (and questionably unnecessary) donut-hole. That hole outta be just right to prop up a wax candle. :D

NYC 57The hotel wants $17 a day for internet. I say "no sir". I'm across the street at the Times Square McDonalds right now, enjoying their WiFi. Most of what you are reading is blogged and shot throughout the day, and then all regurgitated at night when I can hit WiFi and pump it all out to ya.

Enjoying New York City, and having a great birthday.