Tommy the Rescue Pug

My mom volunteers for an organization called Pug Rescue of NorthWest Arkansas. She could explain better what they do, but here's how I see it:
There is money to be made by breeding dogs. There are already more dogs out there than there are families to keep them. So, dogs are killed, by the hundreds, everyday. But, people keep breeding them anyway to make money, and other people keep abandoning their dogs out onto the streets, to be picked up by dog catchers and shelters.

There are probably 2000 dogs in dog shelters all over the state right now. About 15 of those dogs are most likely Chinese Pugs. There are not 15 Arkansas families that want to adopt a Pug right now. More importantly, there are not 15 families in the exact towns as the 15 Pugs.

A few may get saved, but most will likely be euthanized by the pounds. They will be killed because the shelters simply can not keep a dog for the 3-6 months that it takes to get adopted. The odds of families wanting Pugs just are not that good.

This is where Pug Rescue comes in. They swoop down and snatch up the Pugs, and take care of them for however long it takes to find a family. They have a website built to help match potential families with their Pugs. They are only a middle man.


My mom found a Pug named Tommy at a Hot Springs dog shelter. Tommy needs to be brought up to NWA to be taken care of until he can find a home. This could take months. That is time that his current shelter does not have, leaving Tommy only a few weeks before he is given up on, and killed.

I drove to Hot Springs on my way home Friday, and picked up Tommy from his 2x2x3 foot cage in Hot Springs. I just set him in the back of my car, and he rode with me up to Bentonville, where he was handed over to the craziest group of Pug-Lovers I've ever seen. That dog has just gotten saved from likely death by injection, and moved up to a loving bunch of people that are going to spoil him rotten, and then adopt him to a forever home of a caring family.

Check out the Pug Rescue site that they have built, _MG_0782it's a good source of information. Also, if you'd like to know more, email my mom (, she would LOVE to tell you about what they do, whether you're ready for a Pug or not.

Tommy was very polite for me, and a good boy for the ride. Whoever gets to eventually adopt him is in for one heck of a dog. Once Tommy gets a good bath, and gets rid of all his crazy fleas in a few days, he's going to be set for life.

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