Great Goobers Think Alike

This marks the blog's 100th post! Thanks to all of you that read it, there must be at least 4 of you!

I was just reading Travis Cottrell's blog about 5mins ago. His entry was on his new bunny t-shirt. Well, about 4mins ago I went into my closet, and put my bunny shirt on. About 3mins ago I took a picture of it. About 2mins ago I uploaded it to iPhoto. And about one minute ago I began typing what I was doing five minutes ago.Great Goobers Think AlikeI feel like THE MAN right now. My nerdy bunny shirt has now become about 6000x cooler, because Travis Cottrell has the same shirt.

Some say great minds think alike. I don't know how great your mind has to be to where a shirt like this, but I don't care, because Travis Cottrell wears it, and I own it, which makes me feel like the man.

thanks for reading, and Travis, thanks for making me feel like THE MAN.