the Drive

Today was a pretty rushed day.

I had my first Biology test this morning. If you called my nerdy voicemail yesterday, you already knew that. I've called people before, and got stuff like, "Hi, you've reached George Bush. I'll be in the office today from nine to five, and be in and out of meetings all day. Sorry I missed you!".

Well, I kind of like that, so I'm going to try it. Every morning. We'll see how it goes. I've already gotten "the business" about that multiple times, so we'll see if it lasts...
the Drive
My last class was 1pm-1:50pm. I wanted to get on the road to Bentonville ASAP, so I just took my dirty laundry to class, for a quick get-away. I got "the business" there, too. We'll see if I ever do that again...

I'm back in Bentonville now. Sitting in the living room with the parents, trying to relax. Tomorrow will be a day packed full of cheerleading college try-out videos.