Plans for the Semester

Everything  a Growing Photog NeedsI didn't have too much homework tonight, so after MBSF I decided to take a break from the Cheer Video Editing, and "reflect". Oh, and toss in a few photos along the post...

I don't know what you can call "reflect" on the future, but, that's what I'm actually talking about. Plans for the remainder of the semester.

Feb 14 - Valentines Day with Aubrey!
Feb 21 - Bentonville Weekend
Feb 28 - Our 28-Month Anniversary, on the 28th of February
Mar 7 - Live Audio for Texarkana DNOW
Mar 14-18 - New York City
Mar 15 - 19th Birthday
Mar 21-29 - Spring Break
Apr 11 - Bentonville Easter Weekend
Apr 25 - Final Bentonville Weekend before Summer
May 4-8 - FINALS

Aubrey's 2008 Valentines. It'll be a challenge to top that this year.

February 14
Valentines 2008Valentines Day for everyone! I hope all seven of you readers have great plans for Saturday night, 2009 was kind enough to place it on a weekend! Last year I was able to arrange Aubrey's bouquet myself. It'll be hard to top that for this year. I've been working on plans for Saturday for a while now. I hate to keep you in the dark and not post our plans, but Aubrey happens to be one out of the six of you that read this, so that might blow the surprise.

February 21
Looking forward to a weekend in Bentonville just to relax. Every time I have ever gone home for a visit, it has been some specific event, run around like a moron, never see my parents, nightmare. That weekend is going to be vair nice. : )

February 28
Maybe I'm strange because I measure our relationship in months instead of years, but I like it. If every year was a milestone, maybe we could celebrate it that way. But, every month that we are together calls for a celebration in my book. Celebrations usually consisting of a reliable, once a month at least, legitimate date out of myself. It's an insurance policy that Aubrey will actually get treated like she deserves, and taken out to a nice dinner, guaranteed, at least once a month. :D

March 7
My friend Justin recommended me to his church in Texarkana. They needed a Live Audio guy for their annual DNOW, and he signed me up! My friend Klayton and I will be going together. (maybe it was Klayton that put in the good word, I'm not sure) It is sure to be a blast of doing the skill I love, and serving the creator who gave me the skills. Every good thing in my life is a gift from God, it is not of my own hands. My skills, as much as I joke about the lack of, have not been developed alone. There is simply no way that I could have half of the Live Audio skills I have without Phillip Johnson, and Phillip was placed in my life for a reason. Every chance I get to serve the LORD with my skills, is a chance that I take. I look forward to getting to worship, and aid the worship of, our Savior, a God that is alive, and has a personal relationship with us.

March 14-18
Statue of LibertyThis trip is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I am looking forward to attending this photojournalism conference with open ears, to listen to some of the best photographers in the industry. Also, I hear they hide the Statue of Liberty somewhere up there, so that would be a nice thing to visit.

March 15
I was born in Shreveport, Louisiana on March 15, 1990, at 11:49am. (is that correct, Mom?)

My 18th Birthday cake that Aubrey did for me!
18th Birthday Cake

March 21-29
Spring Break is up in the air for this year. To be honest, I feel so lucky to be given a trip to NYC, that I'm not sure if I should get to go somewhere else. But, that somewhere else would be with my parents, not strangers, so we'll try to put some sort of trip together. I've always wanted to visit Franklin, Tennessee for some reason...

April 11
Our home church is going to be bringing in Junior Hill on Easter. We can't miss that. More importantly, I think Aubrey is going to get to play her flute down on the floor with the rest of the massive annual beast of an Easter orchestra.

April 25
The final trip to Bentonville, before we move back home for the summer. Will most likely be a car full of junk going to Bentonville, and a car full of empty packing boxes coming to Arkadelphia. The junk that I can live without for two weeks can go back to Bentonville early. (I only wonder, if I can go two weeks without it, do I really need it down here in the first place?) Freshman...

May 4-8
the big 91%After these tests, I will have enough hours to officially credit me as a Sophomore. After the tests, I will have three full semesters worth of college credit, thanks to those 12hrs I took my senior year of high school.

It's nice to have a seven minutes every now and then to reflect on the future. Everything in life seems so rushed, it's nice to have the master plan in the think tank. Thanks for caring about what's happening in my life, and showing me that you care by reading! I don't actually know who you are, but thank you!