NYC Blogging

A month from today, I will be in New York City, and it will be Saint Patrick's Day. The entire city will be drinking, the bars will be packed, and hopefully all the tourists will be: packed into the bars and drinking.

This gives me the perfect opportunity to get some alone time to do what I want to do in the city. Since the only cool thing to do on March 17 is to drink, and I'll be one of the few who isn't cool, the cool places that I want to go will momentarily be un-cool for one night.

This will be the night to do whatever would normally have the longest lines. Such as... "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" or "The Empire State Building" or "The Statue of Liberty".

More importantly, this blog. I want to document the trip, and I want to document it really well. It's not everyday that I get to go to New York City, so I would like it to be in the History Books, (the blog archives) of what happened.

I've done a couple of different blog forms on here. Some people just post photos. Some people never post photos. Some people only do video blogs. I like them all, and pull different tools out of the blog toolbox for different jobs.

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