Soccer and Spanish

HSU Soccer
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After class today I had two things on my ToDo list.

1. Study for my Spanish test.
2. Photograph rainy soccer.

I got out of class at noon, got some lunch, and hit the Spanish. Here's an hourly spread:

1pm-4pm - Spanish
4pm-5:45pm - Soccer
5:45pm - 6:30pm - Dinner
6:30pm - 11:45pm - Spanish

I had the song "Lazy Days" by Spanky & Our Gang stuck in my head all day. Anybody remember that song?? Pretty random.

This is the first test of the class, and my first Spanish test altogether. I didn't take Spanish in high school. They told me it would be useful for college, but I told them I wasn't going to college. Then I got the opportunity to go to college. Now I'm at college. Now I'm in Spanish. Now it's hard.

I should have taken it in high school. Oh well, as much as I had my nose in that book tonight, I feel fine for the test tomorrow.

I've started doing Twitter. Twitter is a nerd tool, a website that allows you to publish thoughts throughout the day, as often as you like. I typically use it as just lame "what am I doing right now" updates, which are then logged into Twitter's records, for me to look at in a few months as sort of a "history book" of what I did that day.

You can view my useless Twitter updates on the right side of the blog, a few inches from the top. I'll leave the poll from yesterday live for another 24hrs, and see what we get. Thanks for voting!