Burger King LOL

After church today, Aubrey had a fever, and had no interest in eating lunch. The poor girl went back to her dorm and crawled into bed. Praise the LORD, she broke the fever late in the afternoon.

This left me hungry, thankful for my health, and lonely. I proceeded to stop at Burger King on my way to return our RedBox DVD.


The Burger King sign is advertising the company's new "Angry Whopper". [Laugh Out Loud]

It's about 11:30am, and there is hardly anybody in the dining area. I walk up to the counter, and put in my order. $4.54. I love America.

I begin to analyze the situation... thoroughly. We've got three employees behind the counter.

1. LOUD and CRAZY manager lady, on front counter.
2. 12yr old boy/girl mystery child, on drive-thru.
3. Un-ID-able kitchen man, cooking everything.

Clem pulls up to the drive in. They've got the whole headset system routed to some kitchen loudspeaker system. "not bad," I think "so the crew can hear... nice."

Our 12yr old turns on her mic and "SCREEEEEEEECH" feedback goes nuts. Nobody even flinches, this has been happening for weeks. When they routed the drive-thru mic to these speaker things, they routed the headset mic too, resulting in immediate and un-avoidable feedback every time she turns the mic on. LOL


The 12yr old starts arguing with the customer, "you can't change it now, it's too late for that". She/He was serious. They wouldn't change it. LOL

A family with two kids pulls up. The manager turns to the cook, "I hope them kids ain't coming in here planning on playing and such".... "mmhmm". (I turn and see the playground is 'closed for repairs', and looks perfectly fine) LOL

I get my food. My fries were crazy cold, and tasted way too much like potatoes. They dropped some fresh ones. The fresh ones come up, and the manager reaches for the salt, when...

The phone rings. The manager picks up, "YEAH WHAT!?". LOL

She turns the salt upside down, and it begins POURING out of the shaker. She is on the phone, and has forgotten that her hand is upside down. The fries get salted for about 30secs straight. They sure don't taste like potatoes now. LOL

I finish eating. The food was really good, and I'm pleased with my dining experience. Fresh fries, a hot burger, and laugh after laugh of live entertainment. I've been in here 25mins. I stand up to leave, when...

The men's bathroom door opens, and out walks employee #4, making his first appearance of the day. He has been in the bathroom since before I entered the store, almost half an hour ago. I didn't even know he existed. LOL LOL LOL

I had a great lunch.