RedBox Movie Rentals

My friend Austin rents a lot of movies, and told me about RedBox DVD Rentals.

I'm not a movie renter. I'm a movie buyer.
I'm not a new-release buyer. I'm a used movie buyer.

Instead of pouring $4.50 into a movie rental, I go and buy a used DVD copy of it from a place like Game Exchange for $7.50. Sometimes I'll get lucky and find one for $5. I adopted this policy because it didn't make sense to sink $4 into a film, when for less than $8, I could own it.

RedBox has now begun to erode this principle of mine.
RedBox is a relatively new company, with a totally revolutionary way of renting DVDs. Instead of going to your local rental store and paying $4 for a movie, you go to a RedBox dispenser, and pay only $1 a night.

The dispensers are all over the place, because there is one at almost every major McDonalds in the country.

Aubrey and I have been wanting to try this new system out, because

a. We watch my same movies over and over, and
b. our friends have tried it, and it sounds pretty cool.

So, yesterday, we tried it. McDonalds had the giant ATM-like thing sitting outside. There were three people in line, us being the third, taking about 3mins each to get their DVDs. The process was quick and easy, and the selection of DVDs was shocking.

We got "Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist". Some love story that was supposed to be pretty good, from what we saw on the credits. It was horrible.
We didn't like the movie, but that's not RedBox's job. You can return the disc to any RedBox location, it doesn't have to be the one you got it from. (my favorite part of the whole deal). I returned the disc today right after lunch. The RedBox dispenser has this big red button that says, "Return a DVD". I hit that, slid my disc in, and walked away. Seven feet later my phone chirped. An email receipt from RedBox, that was quick.

RedBox is pretty cool. DVDs, for just a dollar a night.