Unfathomable. How rich and pure is the grace love and mercy of my LORD. Your LORD. Our LORD.

While I stumble and wander selfishly and sinfully through my walk on his Earth he continues to in-explainably shower his love on me. His patience, his absolute grace and everlasting compassion on my soul as his child is confusing. While I love my LORD with my heart my pathetic earthly mind and body attempt to stray from his good and perfect will for my life. While I am still sinning he chooses to save me through his grace. While my selfishness perseveres and prioritizes my life to my feeble desires, his love patiently waits for me. As I return to my LORD's place for me, he holds no record of my wrongdoings. My sins are at the bottom of the deepest ocean. How great is Your love, oh LORD? You leave 99 followers of yours to seek me. You abandon the faithful to find me, the deviant. You carry me and lead me to still waters where you dwell.

Praise be to our loving God who is so overflowing with mercy that he showers it down from his place on high to our lowly lives here on this selfish sinful planet. Thank you dear Jesus for the blessings you somehow deliver to my existence. Thank you intimate Holy Spirit for the protection you offer from the spiritual warfare of this devil's playground we walk through from day to day. Thank you sovereign LORD for you incredible indescribable never-ending passionate merciful grace that you never cease to deliver in my times of need.

Help me to be a faithful servant of your will oh LORD. Forgive me for how disgusting my filthy rags are at your feet.