Bad to the Bone

I skipped an entire week of school. College. whoa.

In High School you were considered cool and hip for skipping. In college it just scares you out of sleep.

A few weeks ago I got a call from the lovely Vista Productions, a Missouri company that has called me in a few times before. Great people. They had a large meeting scheduled for October and needed a camera operator. Great! I'm in! So is it a weekend show? Nope. It's a four-day show. Oh… well at least Saturday and Sunday won't miss any classes… Oh, it's a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday kinda show. dern.

Well, I didn't want to just tell them no, so I looked at my iCal and my syllabi. Hmm… Tests… Hmm… Looks like I have a test in all six classes, the week before the show. AWESOME. I can have the worst week of my life in school, and then relax knowing I'm not missing any tests while away. I'LL TAKE THE JOB!

Vista Productions

The show was fantastic. I love the Vista people and the professionalism they bring to the job site. They're also way too nice to me. I'm the 19-year old punk kid on the crew, I should be harassed to no end, but they treat me with respect. Which is unheard of and greatly adored.

Well one class moved a test to be while I was away. So, instead of sleeping calmly and relaxed with no tests to miss, I switched to nightmares of alarm failures and underwear appearances. Nightmares get so strange sometimes… You've had the underwear in class one, right? Walking in, nothing but your Converse and Hanes. dang that's a rough one.

Anyway the show was great, I got back down to school fine and made-up the test first thing Monday morning. THANK YOU MR. SHIPLEY! :) I am at college trying to become a professional in the media industry. How could I pass up an opportunity to work IN the industry? I couldn't. Thanks Mom & Dad for supporting your deviant student and giving me a warm bed. Thanks Henderson for being so cool about me being away in the job field. Thank you Jesus for the opportunities such as this that you seem to bless my life with on an increasingly occurring basis.