Winding Down

It's nice to relax here in Arkadelphia for the weekend instead of making the typical 4hr trek home to 72712.

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Aubrey went with some friends to see Paranormal Activity tonight, so it's just me and the paint for dinner. I decided on Burger King for dinner. Not because it is necessarily the best choice, but because of the deals I had in motion.

IMG_0214Aubrey and I ate there last Saturday. If you look on the back of any Burger King receipt there is a 1-800 number. If you call it, and listen to a robot for about 7mins, they give you a code. Write that code on the back of your receipt, and your next visit gets you a free WHOPPER. Not a free toy. Not 1/2 off a fry. I free entire Whopper. Whoa.

We took one for the team and got the code. It's CB8717. I've got it memorized now. You'll find me at BK for the next six days worth of meals.

In High School I went to the Bentonville BK for lunch every Friday, and I took as many people as I could with me. From that grew my tradition here of doing McDonalds for lunch every Thursday, and taking as many people as I can with me, every week. I moved to McDonalds after realizing just how "different" the Arkadoo BK is…


On the way out the door tonight, I hollered back to the kitchen, "thanks guys, it was good tonight!". The manager popped out and said, "thanks! umm… your hair looks good?… too." So I said, "thanks!" LOL

I'm back in the dorm now. Looking forward to an obnoxiously peaceful evening. It's been too long. :)