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Aubrey and I made the 4hr trek home this afternoon, after I finished up with Philosophy at 2pm (college rocks). This weekend should be a nice relaxing one after making it through the first few weeks of SSSS.

Semester-Start Syllabus Shock

I plan to attend a drum workshop here in town tomorrow afternoon, which should be a blast.

_MG_0042I'm not sure what it will entail, but I think the instructor worked with Maroon5 on their last CD, so I'll probably try and pay attention.

Also, Sunday begins the Cheer Video Season I was talking about a few days ago. It should be a nice, smooth start to what will be a rough 3-week shooting and editing run. It will be good to get back into Video Production mode, though. I haven't really shot more than about 3 frames-per-second in a few months. It'll be nice to be back at 30fps.

That's a photo-video joke, and a bad one.

Also, photos don't have audio, which might be my favorite part about video production. One thing I will struggle with, however is lighting. In photography, I can put up my little speedlight, and PUMP A GYM full of light for 1/200th of a second, on 4 AA batteries. To PUMP A GYM with much of any light for video is another story. For a flash, it's easy to HOLD HOLD HOLD all that energy, and then BOOM release it all for a split second. For video, a light has got to be CRANKING out constant light, which, as you can imagine, take a lot more juice.

It will be fun though, and I'm looking forward to it. Final Cut Pro has gone too long without doing any work.

I've got a snoring Lilly Pug in my lap right now, and her crescendoing snores are my cue to put the MacBook down, and turn off the light.

thanks for reading, and stay off the dang ICE!