eleven88: Monticello

eleven88: Monticello
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After the Star City conference, we were all asked to come play a service at the University of Arkansas Monticello MBSF center. There were a few twists, but no show is perfect, so we decided to make the Eastward journey.

They wanted us to play at 8pm, and, with it being just over a 2-hour drive, that put us on the road early, and late. I, of course was the last one to finish with classes for the day, at a clock-checking 3 o'clock (college rocks). We jumped in, and pulled out of the MBSF center for a series of horrible wrong turns and misjudgments by yours truly.

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I was trying to pretend like a bus driver, but it came out more like I was pretending to be a moron. I got us there 30mins late, hungry, and maybe a little carsick. :-/

Quick soundcheck, and the show went great. More importantly, the sermon was phenomenal. I wish I had the opportunity to hear this guy more often, because he was really something.

We drove back the same night, to make our 10am classes (college rocks), getting us bach in Arkadelphia around 2am.

the Guys

A great trip. The seven of use seem to get along really well. I thank the LORD for such a great group of people, and hope that this group will continue to lead believers in worship.