Gambling Never Pays

toilet duty
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Normally, Taylor and I tag-team the bathroom cleaning responsibilities.  I'm not man enough for the toilet part, so he does that, and in return, I do everything else.  Taylor is a cleaning pro, by the way.  I just take the easy shower and floor part (which is Swiffer, so technically FUN not WORK)

Tuesday night, Taylor comes into my room. Here's a basic dialogue plot for you, to understand how it went down.

Taylor: "there's no way we're having school tomorrow."

Cameron: "dude, go get in your bed, because we're having school tomorrow"
Taylor: "the weather says it will get down to 26* tonight, and that we will get 1" of snow."
Cameron: "it's not cold enough.  that's not enough liquid.  go to bed"
Taylor: "SNOW, Cameron.  SNOW."
Cameron: "you are starting to sound pretty confident about this, should I not set my alarm?"
Taylor: "I'm pretty confident"
Cameron: "Well, the bathroom needs to be cleaned.  That's what I am confident of"
Taylor: "Are you asking me to bet?"
Cameron: "If you are right, and classes are cancelled tomorrow, I will clean the entire bathroom, alone"
Taylor: "If we have class, I will clean it"
Cameron: "deal"

I woke up to a beautiful morning, a dirty bathroom, and a MAD roommate.  He willingly cleaned the entire bathroom that night.  And did a FABULOUS job, too.  He had a good attitude, and learned, gambling doesn't pay.  I'll clean it next time, Taylor. :D