my Story got to Print!

my Story got to Print!
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Today my first newspaper story was published in the Henderson Oracle, the student newspaper.

I posted the un-cut text from the article Wednesday, spoiling the fun. I couldn't wait to get it up, knowing that the paper wouldn't go to print until today.

The first cheer video was shot this weekend, giving me a little one-on-one time with my old high school friend Final Cut Pro this week. I haven't editing anything but photos and text for a while now, so the shortcuts are not helping.

Any Final Cut Pro'ers reading? I wasn't exactly a shortcut expert in my prime, sticking to the basic (shift+Z) and (ctrl+G). Post some favorites for me. I'm going to be in FCP a lot these next two weeks, and could use all the shortcuts I can get.

This week has a pretty decent load of to-dos. Luckily, tomorrow is my easiest day of the week, and I should have ample time to do productive things (like blogging).