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Apple iSight 24
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I am also selling my Apple iSight on eBay. Here's the description from THAT auction, too. ((Hopefully the auctions will go well! I love eBay, I get such a rush from selling stuff, buying stuff, selling that stuff, buying something new, and then selling it. It's so awesome.)) sigh... Oh, right, the description:

I've been a proud mac user for several years now, using this iSight
with my Powerbook for iChat. I just bought a new MacBook, which has
the iSight built-in, leaving my iSight homeless.

I've seen a few on eBay lately, but none of them are going to hold a
candle to this one. I've got pretty much everything it came with, all
with the original packaging, all in great shape. I try not to make a
habit out of flushing money down the toilet, so when I buy something,
I take care it. This camera, with all the accessories, has got to be
the best looking one I've seen on here in a couple of weeks.

Apple iSight Camera
Original Firewire Cable
Original Laptop Screen Mount
Original Tabletop Mount
Original Magnet Mount
Original Cable Caps
Original Camera Tube Case
All original paperwork

The glass looks fantastic. The device works, every time, on the first
try. This camera just works, and it works well.

Please check out my Flickr page for more pictures than you're going to
want to see.

After the auction ends, if you can get me the payment quick, I'll ship
it quick. USPS usually drops by around 2pm. This auction should end
around 4pm Monday (in this timezone), meaning I'll ship the very next

Thank you for looking. I hope I've answered everything for you.
PLEASE email me with any questions. I love emails.

Cameron Magee
Arkadelphia, AR 71999