Cheer Season

Canon XH-A1
Originally uploaded by Jon Lawrence
I shoot try-out videos for high school cheerleaders.

As a major part in the audition process for becoming a college cheerleader, high school cheerleaders must submit a try-out videos to their prospective colleges. These cheerleaders are good at what they do, and they look for a camera man who is good at what he does, too. They want their video to look good, professional, and to be shot at their pace.

Well, this year will be my third year to be shooting these try-out videos, and I'm carving it down to a science. My favorite thing about this year is the camera I'm going to be shooting with, the Canon XH-A1.

This will be the first High-Definition video camera that I've been fortunate enough to operate. In years past, I have had the opportunity to borrow video gear from friends, but this year, being away from Bentonville, I am on my own and decided to rent my camera from Illinois.

I am excited about doing a video shoot, since I haven't had one in a while, but I'm especially excited about this camera. Hopefully I'll do a post about what it feels like to be in High-Definition.