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Canon Elan7ne 13
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I am selling my Canon Elan7ne Film Camera on eBay. Here's my description from the auction:

I am a Mass Media college student attending Henderson State University
in Arkansas. I took a film photography class last semester that
required me to purchase a camera body. I took the class pretty
seriously and got this Canon Elan7ne. It was awesome. Throughout the
semester I only got to shoot about 9 rolls with it, but it performed
like a champ.

I am no longer in the class, leaving me without access to a darkroom.
Without a need for this body, I'm selling it. I can't really say that
it's NEW, but it might as well be. It's in excellent condition. I've
even got the packaging, so when it arrives, you'll think you're
getting a brand new camera.

I bought this camera for the "Eye Control" feature. I thought it
might be a gimmick but wanted to try it out. It was no gimmick. I
don't have this feature on my digital body, and now that I'm getting
rid of this one, I really miss it. Basically, instead of having
photos that are auto-focused to the wrong thing (the trees instead of
the faces, the fans instead of the football players), where you look
is what you focus. The camera senses your eye, detects which part of
the viewfinder you're looking at, and instantly focuses there. It's

I've seen a few of the Canon Elan7's on here, but not many of the
Elan7NE's, like mine. The NE's are the only ones with the eye
detection. What really sets my camera body apart though is the
battery grip. I bought the grip for mine for two reasons: ability to
easily switch to vertical grip, and the battery capacity. These film
bodies all use the goofiest batteries, that can be a pain to replace.
With this grip, the grip holds four AA batteries, powering the camera
for a LONG time. I never had to change the batteries. (Not saying
much, since I only shot 9 rolls, but still)

I used my Canon lenses with this body, all of which mounted and auto-
focused just fine. I typically shoot a Canon Rebel XTi.

This camera has a pop-up flash, that works, but I never really used
it. I only shot natural lighting (what the class called for).

Hop over to my Flickr page to view more photos than you'll want to,
including detail shots not included on this auction page:

I take eBay pretty seriously, and will ship your camera in less than
24hrs of the auction ending. This auction will end Monday night
around 5pm my time, too late for USPS. I will ship it Tuesday if you
can get the payment to me before lunch. I hope you like the free
shipping, I will be shipping it USPS Priority Mail, which should be
pretty dang fast for you.

I hope I've mentioned everything. I probably haven't though. If you
can come up with ANYTHING you want answered, please email me and ask.
I love emails, and would reply pretty fast.

Thank you very much, and have a fantastic day!

Cameron Magee
Arkadelphia, AR 71999