A Semester's Worth

A Semester's Worth
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Tomorrow I begin my second semester of college. The first semester truly flew by, as I suspect will no longer be the case. Thanks to my Father's scheduling skills, we managed to keep my earliest class as late as 9:30am: Oral Comm.

Hopefully that will allow me to maintain my natural sleep schedule of 12:30pm-8:30pm. Not to put a name on it or anything, but I've just about decided that's what my body wants to do. Sometimes I push it later, but that's about right.

Last semester I worked at the Radio Station.
This semester I work at the Newspaper.

Last semester I kept mostly to myself.
This semester I hope to find a good group of guys to hang with.

Last semester I got all A's and a B.
This semester I hope to keep it up.

It's strange to be bach down here in Arkadelphia, away from my Bentonville relationships, but it is beginning to feel natural. Aubrey and I are here together, which makes it much easier, at least for me.

It's hard to drive over four hours away from home to spend all your time in a foreign environment, with new faces, and tough challenges. It's hard to leave your entire life, your family, your friends, your job, and everything that makes home so great. I love everything about Bentonville, and it's hard to live away.

It's easy when the best thing about Bentonville comes with you.