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Foiyst of all, a few quick notes:

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I've been producing this blog now consistently for only a few months. I have no real concept of how many times it's visited, who visits it, if the content is any good, if you like my portrait on the left, if I talk about Aubrey too much, if I don't talk about you enough, if the posts are too long, if there are not enough photos, or anything. I hope that you will be encouraged to venture out and just make ONE comment, I can't express to you how happy it made me to find my friend Dong had made a comment yesterday. I had no idea he even read this. thanks, Dong.

I try to keep a fair balance of love stories, nerd reviews, friend outings, school happenings, funny stories, thoughtful readings, family matters, email forwards and YouTube videos.

Oh, and an un-fair balance of hyperlinks. HAHAHAHAHA...

I really enjoy producing this blog, I hope you really enjoy reading it when you can. Please, by all means, read when you can, comment when you can, and have a spectacular day.