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Today wasn't too eventful. I got to go to FBC Bentonville this morning, but then it was ON THE ROAD. I spent the majority of the day on the road, only stopping for gas and supper.

I timed it to meet Caleb in Little Rock for some Church's chicken. After doing a very in-efficient job of navigating through the ROCK, I made it back to Arkadoo around 7pm. I've been doing un-exciting blog-innapropriet unpacking and sheet changing and laundry for the last 5hrs now. I'm hitting the hay.

It's good to be back, and I am thankful for safe traveling today. Surely the LORD had his hands on the wheel of my car during today's adventurous drive.

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I'm looking forward to Aubrey arriving tomorrow. She got a couch for Christmas that is currently residing in the back of my Rainier. I can't WAIT to build that dang couch with her. It's going to be A BLAST! (I'll be sure and snap a few shots of the team in ACTION)