Shaky Shooters

Dad and Wyley
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This morning Dad and I drove down to Tontitown's "Ozark Sportsman Supply". We met Mr. Elliott there to do a little handgun range shooting.

I'd never shot a gun before, and I was up against Wyley Elliott, Mr. ex-Military. My Dad has been known to be a solid shotgun shot as well.

They handed us a 9mm.... wait, about that....
We just walked in off the street, and said "we want a gun and 150 bullets", and they just gave them to us. We signed some goofy piece of paper, but they just handed the gun right over! We had no idea where the safety was, how to load it, if it had a safety, how many rounds it held, how to cock it, how to release the clip or ANYTHING!

Anyway, we got in there and started acting like a couple of real amateurs, firing off a few rounds at a time down range at a paper target. We tried it at 5yrds, 7yrds, 10yrds and 20yrds. My Dad would have definitely been the Top Gun pick of the day. You can jump over to my Flickr page if you REALLY want to get details, but I really doubt it.

Anyway, it was a ton of fun, and terrifically scary. I was shaking like a leaf the whole time, which probably accounted for my less-than-awesome marksmanship.