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Steak N Shake Friends
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I would say today was a good day. I woke up and ran around shopping with my Mom a little this morning. We had to go pick up a print that Tim Donar did for me from Hobby Lobby's framing shop. Then, Aubrey and I met 15 other friends at Steak N Shake for lunch.

After lunch, my friend Hunter needed a man with certain skills for an hour, so I obliged. His Dad's car was in the shopKlie & Me in Fayetteville, and needed to drive a professional driver like myself down to drive it back. (if you ever want to see a photo bigger, like this tiny one, just click on it to enlarge) It's actually complicated enough to make a 2:03 story out of:

Then my Mom and I did a little bit more shopping, which included a Guitar Center stop. Guitar Center is a dangerous place for certain people like myself. I have really no intentions of spending any money when I go in, and I almost ALWAYS leave without spending a dime. I say always because one time I bought a $2.37 egg shaker in there. I say it's dangerous because the beautiful store contents linger on my mind for a few days/weeks. I'm not going to buy them, but I just THINK about them... weird.
Then tonight the Elliott's invited me to tag along to the BHS vs. Rogers basketball game. We got beat, but I was proud of Bentonville, they played hard, all the way to the end. Then, Andy's treats compliments of Aubrey's Dad Wyley.

In the morning, Wyley, my Dad and I are all trucking down to Tontitown. There's a handgun range down there with our name on it. (There's also a 9mm pistol, and 100 round box, too.)