The Day the Earth Stood Still

Winter Days
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I've been flipping through old photos, and found this little nugget from almost two years ago. Look at my "are you about to take the pict... oops" face. Look at Aubrey's gloves! Hard to believe this was two years ago. Aubrey and I celebrated our 2-year, 2-month anniversary in December.

At 5:45pm, I'm taking her out on (what I hope to be) a fun date for both of us. She saw "The Day the Earth Stood Still" when she was little, and says it's worth watching. And, as you may know, the remake is currently in theaters (for not much longer). I'm going to go pick her up in about 20mins, for us to watch the 1951 version, go out to eat, and then catch the 9pm 2008 version.

Hopefully it will be a blast. I honestly don't know if I can stay awake through two whole movies. I did nothing but act like a bum all day, so I really have no excuse to be tired. It should be great. Of course, this is all a big secret to her. I typically keep our date plans secret until I pick her up. That keeps the excitement and the suspense high throughout the week.

I need to get this posted so I can run around and make last minute preparations, but if I post too early, she'll get on here and read. hmmph... We're 20mins out at this point, I bet it's safe... thanks for reading! (I hope you can keep a secret)