Apple 12" PowerBook G4

I'm selling my beloved Apple 12" PowerBook G4 on eBay right now. The auction ends tomorrow night, Saturday, at 5pm Arkansas time.  If you're already an eBay-er, like myself, great!  If not, you should really look into opening an account.  If you stick around here long enough, I'll have you set up with my top 5 best sites online, and eBay is one of them.  Don't be afraid to jump in.  It's easier than you think.

Here's the auction link.

I love that PowerBook. About a month ago, I found a really great deal on an Apple MacBook online. As much as I loved the portability and aluminum-ness of my PowerBook, I took the deal. I'm loving my new MacBook.

Maybe it's faster speed will allow me post blog entries faster. :D

Anyways, the auction ends tomorrow night. If you are in the market at all for a laptop, this thing is an absolute powerhouse. Honestly, this is a perfect computer for anyone, unless you're editing tons of multi-camera videos in Final Cut Pro, or processing thousands of photographs daily. But if that's the case, I bet you're already covered on laptops. Oh, and if that's the case, call me if you need a helper. Mom always said I was a good helper.