Upgrading Computer Memory

Computers have a couple of basic components under the hood. You've got a Processor, a Hard Drive, and some Memory (RAM). Each of the three components works together (with a lot of other tiny parts) to make the computer you're reading this on right now work. Basically, the processor determines the overall speed of the computer, the hard drive holds all your files, and the memory determines your computer's multi-tasking speed.

I multitask computers to the max. I never just have one or two things open. I'm typically running five applications, all actively, at once. This means that more than processor speed, more than storage, I like a lot of memory. Each computer can only hold so much memory though. My PowerBook, for example, maxed out at 1.25GB of memory. Memory is also known as RAM, by the way. My MacBook arrived with 2GB of RAM, but is capable of holding 4GB. So, I looked into upgrading it.

Typically, you can upgrade the specs of a computer directly off the manufacturers website. But, since I did not order my MacBook a conventional way, I had to take what I got. Upgrading a MacBook on Apple's site from 2GB to 4GB costs somewhere around $150. Not too bad. You're basically doubling your computers speed (multitasking speed, that is) for $150. To me, that's important. To my "big blue E only" parents, it's not. The just use the internet, one thing at a time, they could care less about RAM.

I checked out www.NewEgg.com, my favorite computer parts site. I found 4GB of memory on there for $75. Hey, not bad! Then, they ran a $40 mail-in rebate. I ordered, I ordered real quick. Doubling my computer's speed for $25?! hahaha, is this a joke?

It arrived, and I realized why they charge you $150 to do it. I don't know the first thing about ripping my computer apart to add newer faster parts. I was scared. Turns out, all you do is pop out the battery, unscrew three (tiny) screws, and you're in. The entire process of personally doubling my computer's specs took me about 10mins, and $25.

MacBook Memory Upgrade - 10

If you're running an Apple machine to read this right now, post a comment or shoot me an email. We could probably double your mac RAM for close to what I doubled mine for. Most of their machines only ship at half capacity. If you're not a "big blue E only" person, let's upgrade your computer. I can't describe to you how fun it would be for me to upgrade your RAM for you for free. Order that RAM, and let's go!