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the Christmas Boy
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After all the Magee Christmas festivities were completed just before 5pm, I joined up with the Elliott family. They open their home to me daily, as if I'm part of the family. On today, Christmas Day, the most wonderful day of the year, a day for families, I was invited into their home.

Mrs. Stephanie got a Wii and a digital camera. The Wii was in use when I arrived. I'm just going to put it out there; I've never played on a Wii before. That thing is pretty sweet. They set me up a character cartoon person, and got me some sort of fitness test going. At the end of all these trials and tribulations, it tells you your estimated age, according to how physically fit the game thinks you did on the virtual sports.

Apparently I'm over 60 years old.

Aaryn got me a pretty sweet hat, and a super-nice tie. I got her some nerd cables.
Mrs. Elliott got me a stuffed-animal pug, that breathes. That'll be fun for the pug-free dorm room. I'll be missing Lilly. I got her some coffee an egg shaker, and some acc. for her new camera.
Mr. Elliott got me two dang-nice shirts. Both orange. That's a man who knows how to get things. I got him 100 9mm bullets. We're going shooting together sometime soon.

Now it's time for the good stuff. Aubrey's gift. I thought I did pretty good this year. We've got a movie to-do list a mile long, and so I went with that theme. Unlike the typical college couple who just sits around and watches movies, we never get to watch a movie. We've got a list of about 20+ films we want to see, but don't own, or don't have time.

I got her the top six on that list, bundled with mighty-good popcorn, and her favorite candy. Topped off with a gift card to The Rave (a theatre in nearby Little Rock) and a hip-and-stylin' purse.

I thought I was doing pretty good, then I opened her present to ME. Dang. She had taken this cool, round hat box, and covered it in photos of us. Not just photos of us, but about 37 stickers, and her handwriting saying things like the lyrics to our favorite song. SMOOOOOTH. I'm already beat there. She even wrote the verse in Corinthians about love. I'm sitting there taking in how much time it must have taken her to put together this box, and what cool camera stuff I can keep in it, and I realize I haven't opened it.
Aubrey's Gift #2
Inside, stuffed and crammed and packed in tight, is a brand spankin' new, top of the line, sweetest, nicest, coolest... North Face Jacket. whoa. I love it. It's grey and black, and it... (see above picture). Anyway, this thing ROCKS. I can't wait to go somewhere outside and get cold, just so I can bust it out and get warm. This thing really really rocks, I'm so pumped that she went so all-out. I'm gonna need to step up my game for next year.

Thank you, Aubrey, if you're reading this, for this awesome, sentimental gift. It was the highlight of my Christmas this year, and I am very proud of it. I can't wait to show it off!

Merry Christmas everybody, even though we've officially passed it as the 1am rolls around the clock.

I've gotta go to bed. There's a pug over there completely out of it at this point, it's going to be a wrestling match to get me some covers at this point.